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Medicare A-D: Learn the Lingo

Colton Lusk

Medicare Parts A – D: What’s the Difference?  

Medicare can sometimes seem like a confusing system full of labeled subsections that, quite frankly, can be wearisome to sift through. So why does it matter to know all the different aspects of each part of Medicare? Well knowing what is and is not covered can save you time and money down the road as you look for things like preventative care, doctors, and treatments. When you know what’s covered under each part of your plan, you can feel confident knowing what to expect and to how to find the best care available for you.  

So lets jump in and figure out just what is the difference between all these Medicare Parts.  

Part A – Hospital Insurance  

As the name implies, this section of Medicare helps cover your inpatient care within a hospital. With Medicare being accepted in over 7,000 hospitals, it’s a safe bet that whatever hospital you need will take Medicare Part A. But it’s not just your normal hospital visits that are partially covered, but also, Critical access hospitals, Skilled nursing facilities, Hospice and Home Health Care. For some of these you do need to meet certain conditions in order to receive these benefits, but knowing the potential coverage is there is comforting. And as we all know how expensive hospital stays can become, knowing you have coverage for your hospital visits can ease your mind as you start on your Medicare journey.  

Part B – Medical Insurance  

When it comes to Part B, think preventative and medically necessary. Where Part A focuses on hospital, Part B covers things like doctors’ visits, outpatient care, and screenings that help early identification or the need for early treatment. Things like, Flu vaccine, Pneumonia vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine, Pap tests, Screening mammograms and Ambulance Services. With prevention in mind, you can go forward knowing Medicare approves and encourages these routine immunizations and exams. You don’t have to worry about stacking up bills in order to get routine and recommended screenings. With Part B, you can gain access to all the preventative care you need in order to stay at your healthiest. 

*Some of these items may require a copay and or coinsurance depending on your level of coverage. 

 Medicare Part D – Prescription Drug Coverage  

Want the good news? Everyone with Medicare is available to Medicare prescription drug coverage! How does it work? You get to choose the Medicare drug plan that works best for you and then pay a monthly premium. Plans vary based on cost, specific drugs covered, etc. so taking the time to do the research pays off in the end. Here at Southwest Senior Advisors, we have the software available to take your current medications and plug them into our system and let you know what would be the most cost-effective plan for you. We can help take the headache out of planning and sifting through details, and ensure you get great coverage.  

And there’s something to keep in mind about Part D. If you choose to skip getting get Part D, and don’t have other creditable drug coverage, you’ll likely pay an enrollment penalty if you choose to enroll later. And this penalty could stick around for life. So don’t let yourself be caught off guard, and let us help you find that perfect plan today!  

Knowing Matters 

Knowing the ins and outs of Medicare can be challenging. But knowing the basics is a good place to start so you can have the confidence and assurance that you’re getting the services and coverage you need. At Southwest Senior Advisors, we love helping others walk through this Medicare experience, ensuring that you walk out our doors with relief, confidence, and assurance that you’ve got the best possible care.  

Let us take the stress out of Medicare and come see us today!