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Hello, we are Colton and Maquel Lusk. We are the proud parents to three little girls, Emilia, Ellory, and Elise.

We are passionate about helping folks find insurance plans that fit best with their lifestyle and budget. We started our career in insurance by helping people on Medicare know and understand their options. This was all we did for the first few years that we were in the industry because we wanted to become true experts in the field and give our clients the best possible service. 

We are happy to say that we still offer this amazing service for our Medicare clients and we now also offer the same high quality experience for people that are interested in general Health Insurance, Life Insurance and Annuities! 

Expanding our services allows us to help our clients with more of their insurance needs. We can make sure that everything works together seamlessly and that you are aware of all coverage options available to you.

 Colton is also a registered nurse who worked in the ER and ICU for a number of years. While he isn't practicing currently, he maintains his license and keeps up on education for that field as well. This experience has given him extensive knowledge about the healthcare system, which in turn, serves as a unique advantage in helping individuals find the plan that best meets their medical needs. 

When Maquel isn't helping people with their insurance, (and sometimes even when she is) she is a Mom. She does so much to keep the family going and make sure the kids are learning all that they need to. 

Because we are independent agents, we are contracted with the nation's top insurance companies. This allows us to offer our clients products and plans in an unbiased and stress-free manor.

It is no secret that there is an overwhelming amount of options and information out there when it comes to your insurance needs. Our hope is to make the process of navigating through this information as easy and comfortable as possible. We look forward to building a solid working relationship with you based on trust and helping you find the best fit for your lifestyle.

What We Do

Our Motto

Take the stress out of medicare so you can enjoy retirement

You have worked hard to get to this point in your life. Now let us do the heavy lifting and make sure your medical needs are covered just the way you want.

How we Serve you

  • Medicare: We stay on top of all the changes with Medicare year after year. This includes new laws and new plans that enter the market. We continuously work with our clients so that they always know they have all their bases covered. We answer phone calls and emails daily and we are here to make sure our clients don't have to worry about their Medicare decisions year after year.
  • General Health Insurance: If you are in NM we can help you navigate your options through the state marketplace. These plans can be difficult to understand and if you don't know how they work they can lead to a lot of headache. We can help you navigate BeWellNM and your Affordable Care Act options. Depending on where you live we have alternative options to traditional ACA health insurance options- these are great plans that really work well for our clients and typically leave people very pleased with their health insurance- which is not something that everyone can say! 
  • Life Insurance: We offer a full line of life insurance options to help fit your needs and give you loved ones peace of mind. We can do anything from Term Life insurance for a young couple that just bought a home and had a baby, to Final Expense, or burial insurance. With so many different options available it can be hard to know what one is the right one for your situation... No need to worry anymore, we will help you complete a needs assessment and work with with to find out what plan will give you the greatest peace of mind and also be something that is affordable to you.  
  • Annual Reviews: Whether you have a Medicare policy with us or life insurance, we strive to touch base with all of our clients each year to make sure your plan is still meeting your needs. In addition to this, we will also stay in touch with frequent newsletters to help you stay apprised of what is happening in the insurance world.