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Is traditional Health Insurance not working for you? 

Are you a small business owner who just can't afford the high cost of health insurance for your family or for that of your employees?

Are you willing to be a cost-conscious consumer when it comes to your healthcare needs?

Are you tired of changing plans year after year just to remain "in-network" with your doctor?

Are you tired of paying thousands of dollars in premium each year with no return in your benefits?

Would you like the ability to change plans at any time during the year, not only during the "open enrollment period"?

Did you know, there might be a better option?

Don't miss your opportunity to learn about Health Indemnity Plans

Why choose a costly traditional “one size fits all” insurance policy when you can customize a plan that meets the expectations 
of medical needs for you and your family? With these health indemnity plans, you have control over the design of your policy benefits. Your agent can help you choose a plan that fits your family’s budget and healthcare needs today!
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If You Want to Continue Paying High Premiums and be Stuck with Outrageous Deductibles on your Health Insurance Plan... DON'T Watch These Videos!

The next two short videos will explain more about what these plans look like and how they work. Spoiler alert! This is a health insurance option that you will actually be able to put to work for you and your family... We will also give you a quick breakdown on cost and help you see why you should learn more about this option for your family. 


We compare prices on almost everything we buy and we
should be doing the same for healthcare. These plans put
the consumer in charge of their healthcare spending
dollars and reward consumers who practice smart
healthcare management. No matter what the provider,
doctor, or facility charges, your insurance benefits
for covered services remain the same. Therefore, a
dedicated consumer could receive excess benefit dollars
directly in their pocket!
Use any Doctor or Hospital of your
choosing without penalty; or take
advantage of additional savings
through the PHCS network
Customize a plan to fit your
healthcare and budget needs
Telahealth services are available to
you as a convenient alternative to
Doctor and Urgent Care visits saving
you more time and money
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In case you missed it

Here is a quick video that explains a bit more about the Health Indemnity Policies and we run a quote for a healthy 30 year old male in Texas. This particular policy is quoted through Philadelphia American Life Insurance

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