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A sales agent may mail, call, or e-mail as a result of completing the information to discuss Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans, or Medicare Supplement Insurance

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What to Expect


  • When you contact us we will do our best to put you at ease and help to make your Life, Medicare and Health Insurance options easy to understand so you can be confident in your choices. We offer free consultations with no obligation or pressure to enroll in anything that you don't understand or aren't comfortable with. 


Straightforward Process

  • We have helped hundreds of people with their insurance options- from Medicare to Life Insurance and many things in between that lots of people don't even know are available! This experience has allowed us to fine-tune our process so that when you walk through our doors, or join our zoom meeting, we will explain what you can expect to learn as well as know how the enrollment process will look once you do make a decision.
  • We work closely with the insurance companies we work with, this allows us to know what to expect after you sign up for a plan- sometimes there might be underwriting or further exams needed, sometimes there won't be. You won't be surprised, because we will let you know exactly what to expect! We look forward to working with you soon!

Peace of Mind

  • We strive to build lasting relationships. What this means for you is that you will know we only recommend products that we feel will serve you, NOT us. You will have all the contact info of the agent that helps you, including their cell phone number so you can get a hold of us should any problems arise and you need our help navigating your plan.