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Learn about your Medicare Annual Enrollment options

We will help you understand your options and assist you in making changes if needed
A sales agent may mail, call, or e-mail as a result of completing the information to discuss Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans, or Medicare Supplement Insurance

What happens next?

One of our licensed and knowledgable agents will contact you

Don't worry, this is NOT one of those high pressure, you must sign up with us kind of phone calls. We will just gather a little bit of information about your situation and set an appointment. We love to meet face to face in our Farmington office, but everything can also be done over the phone or zoom if needed.

Come in to meet with us

During this appointment we will go over all of the information you provided us in the phone call and look at plan options available to you. We will give you our professional recommendations- this could mean making some small changes to your Medicare plan, changing to a different kind of plan or recommending that you don't make any changes at all. 

Now you can Relax

After we are done, you can walk out of our office feeling the stress and weight of Medicare options leaving your shoulders. You can know you will always have a trustworthy agent to call if ever you have questions or concerns. We will be in contact with you throughout each year to make sure all of your health insurance needs are being met. 

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